15 essentials you will need for your caravan starter kit

If you are a newcomer to caravanning then here is a list of essential items you will need in order for your first trip away to be successful:

1. Towing mirrors
If you’re towing a caravan, you need to be able to see 20 metres behind you, and four metres either side of the caravan. So
it’s most likely that you will need to fit tow mirrors to your car. They usually fit to the wing mirrors, by clamp, strap or suction.

2. Spare rear number plate
You need a number plate on the rear of your caravan, and it must be the same as the car you’re towing it with, reflective, with black characters on a yellow background. A makeshift, biro-drawn cardboard plate won’t do!

3. Water carrier & Waste Container
You will certainly need a water carrier to fill with water from a fresh tap and take it to your pitch, then plug into your van’s fresh water inlet point and give you running water inside your caravan. Make sure you’ve got a water pump and hose to attach the carrier to your van’s water inlet. An Aquaroll is the perfect water carrier as it can be rolled when full of water.

You’ll also need a container for your waste water. Something such as a wastemaster is ideal as it’s on wheels and easy to move when full. You’ll flexi pipes to take the water from the drain points to the waste container.

4. Electric hook-up lead
An electric hook-up cable is a must for any caravanner. A 25meter orange lead should do the job for almost every campsite. Buying a reel to put it on is also great for tidiness, but make sure you uncoil it full before plugging it into the mains.

5. Gas bottle
Typically 6kg or 7kg, Propane or Butane.
These can be purchased at many petrol stations, garden centres and most caravan and motorhome dealers. There are also refillable alternatives available.

Modern caravans are fitted with a regulator, normally in a locker, ready for you to attach to a cylinder by means of a short length of rubber hose and a nut that screws into the bottle’s brass fitting.

6. Gas spanner
You’ll need a spanner to undo the hose thread for when your gas cylinder’s empty, a decebt quality adjustable spanner should do the job.

7. Hitch lock and wheel clamp
Hitch locks are quick and easy to fit and stop anyone hitching the caravan to a tow car. Wheel clamps
will stop the wheel turning and come in all different varieties.
8. Caravan step
A good sturdy step make getting in or out of your caravan a lot easier. You can choose from plastic or metal.

9. Corner steady winder
You’ll need a winder for lower the corner steadies when you get on site, lots of people also use a cordless drill for quickness.

10. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarm
These are both potential lifesavers and a must for any caravan, camper or motorhome. Check the batteries, regularly.

11. Leisure battery
This powers your 12V equipment when you’re
not on electric hook up. It’s not always supplied with new caravans. There are different types and sizes, and they’re all different prices. If you’re using a motor mover or going off grid then a heavy duty battery would be best.

12. Toilet chemicals and rinse
In order to stop smells and breakup the “not so nice stuff” you’ll need toilet chemicals. They’re usually green or blue chemicals. Many caravans have a separate flush tank, in which you can add a fragranced flush additive, which is pink in colour.

13. Fire extinguisher and blanket
Blankets and fire extinguishers can help to stop small on-board fires, such as pan fires.

14. Tool kit
decent little kit, with hammer, a few screwdrivers, adjustable spanner, torque wrench, pliers, utility knife, torch, WD40, a few rags, a foot pump and tyre pressure gauge, cable ties, Duck tape

15. Living Essentials

You will also need things for living comfortably in your new caravan. So things like sheets and duvets, pillows, pots, pans, cutlery, kettle, toaster, tea towels, TV etc. Oh and don’t forget a corkscrew