Private Seller or Dealership When Buying a Caravan?

When comparing caravans with a similar age, model, layout etc. you’ll notice for sure that buying privately will certainly save you money, compared to purchasing from a dealer.

Dealers will always charge more as they have to make a profit and have lots of overheads to cover. But there are also many positives to buying from a dealer. You will most likely get a warranty and the caravan will go through a pre delivery inspection and will have been fully valeted and looking great ready for collection. Another advantage is any issues or snags you spotted previously should have been sorted by the dealer before the caravan leaves the premises.

Buying private will normally save you money and perhaps time, as it’s normally ready to purchase and take home the same day you go to look at it. It’s good if the seller is a caravan enthusiast and has taken great pride and joy in his caravan and it’s all been serviced up to date and fully maintained. When buying privately the seller may include extras such as awnings and waste and water containers. This is especially handy if you are a first time caravanner as this will save lots of extra expenses.

The key thing to remember is do lots of research and if you’re not sure try and take a friend with you who has lots of caravan knowledge.