Checking for damp is one of the main things to do when looking to buy a used caravan. Try to take a damp meter with you. If you don’t have a damp meter look and inspect everywhere, including all lockers and every nook and cranny. Have a good smell, if it has that damp musty smell then it’s best to walk away. It’s much better to buy a good solid and tight caravan with no damp issues. Make sure to check for a bouncy/spongy floor as this can mean delamination, again it’s best to walk away.

If the caravan is fairly new then it may still have some sort of bodywork warranty with it. But this will only be valid if the servicing has been kept up to date. If the owner hasn’t bothered to have it serviced then what else have they neglected to do.

If you are buying privately and you see some minor issues and niggles that need fixed, then factor in the costs when agreeing on the price. If buying from a dealer then they should address any issues you have prior to collection.

When going to view the caravan make sure to take the people who will be staying with you in the caravan along to the viewing. Does it have enough lockers and space to store everything? Do you all feel comfortable and have somewhere to sleep? If it’s the right caravan you’ll get that good feeling about it. From a safety point of view, make sure that the caravan you are about to buy is safe to tow and that the electrics are all in working order when connected to the car.

Just remember and do lots of research beforehand and ask lots of questions when you are there.