Safety and Security

Buying or selling something should be a pleasant, hassle-free experience‚ and at Leisure Seller we do everything we can to make sure that's the case. Our handy hints and tips will ensure you stay safe online, whether you're buying or selling a car.

 Never send money for a caravan or motorhome you haven’t seen

See and check the vehicle and documents before handing over any money. The only exception would be if you have arranged home delivery from one of our advertising dealers that offer this service.

 Emails and texts from Leisure Seller

We will never ask you to login to your Leisure Seller account via email or SMS. Only enter your login details when you see a padlock and Leisure Seller in the address bar before the website address.

 Paying for your vehicle

We don’t offer or recommend any payment or shipping services and we don’t own, buy or sell any of the vehicles or accessories on the website.

And remember if you have any issues or have noticed something unusual then please let us know via the contact us page or email us at

Other places to go for advice


helping to protect buyers and sellers from vehicle-related fraud.

Get Safe Online

offers help and advice to avoid scams and stay safe on the internet.

Citizens Advice

can provide advice on your consumer rights.

Action Fraud

is the UK's national online crime reporting centre.


maintains registers of drivers and vehicles.


has official advice about MOT and emissions tests, insurance and more.